Shark Town

This series, shot in 4k, explores the shark-cage diving industry in the Great White mecca of the world; a flourishing tourist hub in South Africa known as Gansbaai. We meet the Boat owners, seasoned skippers and the travellers on their pilgrimage to dive to the depths and come eyeball-to-eyeball with the deadliest predator in the ocean. We explore the latest technology and scientific advancements in protecting the sharks, and the humans they share the surf with, and get to know the local sharks, each with their own unique personalities. Shark Town presents edge-of-your-seat action in tumultuous South African waters.


Following the success of the 60minute film, Doc-U-Mentally presents a series exploring the experiences of 5 doctors from 5 cultures through the course of a gruelling shift. The series offers the opportunity to get to know the doctors, become familiar with the vastly different hospitals they work in, and gain insight into the struggles and triumphs they face while saving lives in South Africa. Featuring the latest innovations in medicine and visiting practitioners from all over the world.

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