Hansa Winshaw
Co-founder, producer & lighting cinematographer

Award winning lighting cameraman, Hansa is a second-generation film maker. Born to veteran editor, Naudene Leisegang, his childhood was spent digging in cutting bins in her edit suite for the clips he needed. These foundations forged a love-affair with film that would take him the world over.

After completing his studies at the BBC Academy in Worcestershire, he established himself in the industry shooting such slots as FHM’s 100 sexiest women and London Fashion week, working his way through the ranks shooting entertainment segments for Fashion TV, APTN, World Wide Entertainment News, Movie Chart Show, Exclusive and a variety of commercials and Hollywood films. His keen eye awarded him a Golden Lourie and Silver Lion.

Troubled by the plight of South Africa’s indigenous animals and people, Hansa left the bright lights to settle in Cape Town to establish AFC.



Naudene ‘The Machine’ Leisegang
Co-Founder, director and editor

Naudene started her career in post-production, developing formats for slots on the BBC, SABC, National Geographic and Discovery.

She edited most of the UK Traffic Cops series which, to date, is still one of the most consistently watched factual series on UK television reaching nearly 8 million views by the end of the first series. She directed and edited the successful SABC Mediforum series, hosted by her late father Dr Marius Barnard.

Naudene boasts a Silvére Cannes award as well as South African Loerie Awards. Natural History films she’s edited have received finalist nominations at Jackson Hole Film Festival, Jules Verne Adventure Festival, Japan Wildlife Film Festival and Durban Wild Talk- to name a few.

The greatest of her countless strengths are in storytelling and astute editorial judgement.. She’s affectionately known as Naudene ’The Machine’, though we at AFC all call her ‘Mom’.




Autodidact, Chere is enamoured with factoids and is as obsessed with literature as she is with nature.

Much of her youth was spent on her family game reserve, working with the rangers and following visiting scientists as they worked. Armed with a stack of Encyclopaedia Britannicas and consenting parents, her backyard soon became a sanctuary for sick or injured animals from the area.

She went on to work as a freelance writer and tour guide before joining AFC, debuting as writer of Deadliest South Africa in 2016.



Kurdt Greenwood
Presenter & wildlife expert

Kurdt possesses an extraordinary gift for working with wildlife, particularly the deadly ones, often using nothing but his bare hands to interact with them.

A FGASA trained game ranger, Kurdt caught his first Puff-Adder at just 9 years old, and has worked in a venom-milking lab, various sanctuaries and has raised lions. He’s spent months surviving in Mozambique, and lived in a small room with some of the most venomous snakes on earth, dedicating his life to understanding the natural behaviour of the wild world.

His debut in January 2017 as a presenter on Deadliest South Africa had the world on the edge of their seats, demonstrating his talents with deadliest snakes as no one has ever seen before.

As a budding cinematographer, he uses his expert knowledge of wildlife to venture closer than most would dare, without influencing the natural behaviour of the creatures he’s filming.


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